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The most comfortable and versatile travel gear in the world

For the minimalist traveler who wants maximum comfort and peace of mind.

For Every Journey


Brushed knit polyester spandex with a plush warm inside and athletic exterior. It's lightweight, wind and wrinkle resistant.

Comfort. Security. Versatility.

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The High-Tech Hoodie and Pillow

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Secure Your Valuables

The hidden pouch is pickpocket proof and will keep you organized. It's big enough to fit a tablet. There's a phone pouch inside for easy access while seated. And the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking pocket protects against identity theft of your passport and credit cards.

Use The Pillow So Many Ways!

Easy to Carry And Saves Space!


Perfect hoodie for traveling or just lounging around the house. Best thing about it is that stuff doesn’t fall out of the pockets like other hoodies; makes it awesome for the gym. Lighter than expected so makes it easy to pack and is still comfortable in warmer weather. Might be buying more for Christmas presents!

Cameron S

Personally I think this sweatshirt is great for everyday. It’s ideal for the Gym, I put my Keys, wallet and phone all in there knowing it's safe and secure, can take off/on my sweater and everything stays safe in the pouch. Also nice to travel with, as it turns into pillow, because I hate carrying neck pillows they get dirty outside of luggage and a huge waste of space.

Justin F

Best blanket ever!!! I take it everywhere I travel, even if I'm just sleeping on a friends couch! Makes for a great gift for loved ones or even yourself. Highly recommended.

Conor M

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