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The Story

 The long flight to Australia can be both intimidating, and exciting.

Sitting in a cramped seat for 14+ hours in economy sucks, but you’ve been planning this trip for awhile and your mind gets you pumped for the adventure ahead.

You walk on the plane, get to your seat and settle in.

Do you want to keep your wallet, phone, and passport in your pant pockets, or should you put them in your carry on?

Some people have neck pillows, but you forgot yours at home and don’t want to buy another and be stuck lugging it around the next few weeks.

Especially since you can’t sleep sitting without your chin falling down and waking you up.

You put on a sweatshirt as it gets colder on the flight, as well as the paper thin airline blanket and get ready for sleep.

You pull down the tray table, cross your forearms on it and put your head down.

Maybe an hour or two later you have to readjust.

Luckily you’re in the window seat, so you prop a pillow against the wall to lean on; only to have it slip down with the slightest of moves.

When you wake up, it’s not there.

You spot it between the cracks in the row behind you.

The lights in the plane turn on and breakfast is served.

You can see the sunrise over the Pacific, it’s absolutely beautiful and you get excited again.

A flight attendant hands you an incoming passenger form to fill out with your passport information.

Still half asleep, you don’t know where your passport is. You begin to panic for the longest minute of your life, until you find it.

Well, that was me, Eric Hoffman, founder of Loungaroo.

I was inspired by my year living in Australia in 2014 to make traveling more comfortable, and solve the problems above, because I believe so many others share them.

After years of prototyping, I strongly believe the High-Tech Hoodie should be the one sweatshirt every traveler brings with them, for every journey.

Travel in comfort, and with peace of mind.